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Lesson 7: How to spell major chords

A notebook sits beside a person learning guitar

In this lesson, you'll learn how to spell each of the major chords. 

What do I mean by that? Well, when you learn any new chord, you need to know the three core notes that make up that chord (the tonic, the major third interval, and the fifth interval).

If you do this, regardless of how you play the chord, you’ll always be able to identify which notes you’re playing, anywhere on the fretboard.

I’ve included a print out for you below, so you can start to learn how to spell each of the major chords.

Each time you say a chord name, just spell it out too. For example, you’d say C chord, C, E , G. It only takes a few seconds and it really helps you to remember which three notes you’re going to be playing. 

As you move through the next few lessons, you’ll start to see why this is really important, and so useful to you as you mature as a guitar player.

Spell each of the major chords - worksheet (PDF, 22KB)

Spell each of the major chords - answer sheet (PDF, 23KB)

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