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The benefits of having a guitar practice routine

As the famous saying goes, practice makes perfect. This holds true for any skill, including playing the guitar. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, consistent practice is essential in improving your guitar playing abilities.  Develop muscle memory faster Repeating patterns, scales, and guitar solos on a regular basis is crucial in developing muscle memory. As you learn new chords, scales, and techniques, your fingers need to get used to the movements and positions on the fretboard. Through consistent practice, these movements become second nature, making it easier for you to play guitar without having to think. This muscle memory is essential in playing complex pieces and allows you to focus on your musical expression rather than the technical aspects of playing. Improve hand coordination and dexterity Regular and meaningful guitar practice helps improve your hand coordination and dexterity. As you progress in your guitar journey, you will come across more challengi

Lesson 1: The musical alphabet for guitar

In this lesson we’re going to be looking at the musical alphabet. The alphabet is one of the first things you do when you learn any new language, and the same is true for the language of music.  Before we learn anything new, I think it’s really important to understand why we’re learning it. So let me tell you why the musical alphabet deserves its own lesson. Why the musical alphabet is important Any song you’ve ever heard, or learned to play, was written using the musical alphabet. It’s the building block for musical scales and keys. Understanding it, and its rules, will help you to work out melodies by ear as we move through this course. During this lesson, I’m going to be referring to the piano because it will really help you to visualize the theory. But, don’t worry, you don’t need any prior knowledge of the piano at all in order to be able to follow along.  You’re not going to be playing your guitar for the first couple of lessons because they're about understanding the rules o